Detect Lab Corp Franchise 

Detect Lab Corp® has been the recognized leader in Drug, Alcohol, and DNA Testing, quickly growing into a dominant force in the marketplace that clients and investors alike are eager to be a part of today. When clients think of the Detect Lab Corp brand, it goes beyond convenience. Our company has grown into one of the strongest known brand. The Detect Labs continued success comes in large part from our high demand services, which in turn has become an integral part of every successful business operations.

The nationwide presence of Detect Lab Corp comes through in everything we do. The company is driven by the constantly evolving needs of our customers, creating powerful changes that address local market needs, and introducing revolutionary innovations to simplify scheduling that makes the brand famous. Detect Lab Corp is able to satisfy a high demand in convenience Drug Testing and DNA Paternity Testing through its technology, everyday investment in process improvement, and high quality test service. Being the best at what we do means consistently re-evaluating our operations and making decisions every day with our customers in mind.

The Detect Lab Corp promise of great products and quality service mean nothing without the people who stand behind it. Today, Detect Lab Corp is a global icon in Drug, Alcohol, and Legal Paternity Testing, driving the brand forward through its dedicated franchise system. Detect Lab Corp franchisees are the voice of the brand, protecting a legacy and conveying its vision every day to thousands of consumers worldwide. Through all of our products, services and relationships, Detect Lab makes life more convenient for their customers, communities and franchise partners globally.

Tall Free 800-783-0846

  • Marketing and advertising support.
  • Collection supplies and Chains of Custody.
  • Breathalizer.
  • Marketing materials.
  • Specialized 2 weeks training systems.
  • Franchise consultants.
  • Business Plan & Sales planning.
  • Accounting and financial management assistance.


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