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1. Why should I join the Detect Lab Corp?

Joining the Detect Lab Corp® gives you the opportunity to own a proven business with a low investment, simple operations, flexible work hors, national and local support and advertising, a 10 days training program, ongoing learning, business development assistance, and much, much more. 

2. How much is the franchisee fee?

The initial franchisee fee is $73,999. (see what is included).

3. How much are the royalty and advertising fees?

Unlike other companies Detect Lab Corp® does not charge royalties or advertising fees. You contribution for owning your business is 5% franchise fee of your net revenue. Detect Lab Corp will not charge Franchise Fee if your net revenue will be below $40,000 dollars per year. Franchise Fee can not exceed $10,000 dollars. So if your net profit will be more than $ 200.000 dollars per year your Franchise Fee will not exceed $ 10,000.

9. Will I receive training?

Yes. Training classes are held at our headquarters in New Jersey. Ten days of initial training (travel, accomodations, and meals are included) where you will get trained and certified in smaples collection, will meet with industry professionals, college professors, and our Franchise Support Group who will be assisting you in your future operations, An education curriculum designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills to help you succeed. Detect Lab Corp sales leaders will be there to answer your questions and help you get off to a great start! 

9. Will I have a protected territory for my franchise?

Yes. Your specific territory will be included in business development agreement, we will create an exclusive territory for you that provides opportunities for growth.

9. Is there an opportunity to operate more than one Detect Lab Corp Franchise?

Detect Lab Corp is an equal opportunity franchiser by choice. Detect Lab Corp is always seeking individuals who are able to operate on several territories.



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  • Marketing and advertising support.
  • Collection supplies and Chains of Custody.
  • Breathalizer.
  • Marketing materials.
  • Specialized 2 weeks training systems.
  • Franchise consultants.
  • Business Plan & Sales planning.
  • Accounting and financial management assistance.


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